Jumbo Ticket Trust - A Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative by Jumbo Ticket Online Lottery Platform

Jumbo Ticket is one of the best online lottery sites where people can change their lives. One of Jumbo Ticket’s core values is to revitalize the community, make users’ dreams come true, offer exciting jackpots and more. This includes the Jumbo Ticket Trust campaign to ensure a better future for children around the world.

The lottery was created for good works organized by the government to raise funds by distributing tickets to citizens. The winner receives a prize home, usually in the form of money, and a percentage is used to develop government projects. Over the years, private lottery has allowed the industry to expand its reach to non-profit or non-governmental organizations, each with a cause they respect.

The Jumbo Ticket Trust is a program that invests $1 in every ticket a member purchases, whether in Mega, Royal or Jumbo Jackpots. Each member makes a donation by simply purchasing a ticket. We recently launched this campaign with our Sierra Leone-based NGO partner, Development Africa. They are working to change the lives of little boys and girls who lack the opportunity to get a better education and standard of living.

School Children with Supplies Donated by Jumbo Ticket

The JTT has helped make a difference in the lives of high school students in Freetown, Sierra Leone, as part of a recent Corporate Social Responsibility campaign. Develop Africa has partnered with Jumbo Ticket to provide young children with necessities such as pens, pencils and other school supplies to support their education and as well as mosquito nets to protect them from the fight against malaria.

The initiative caught the attention of our users, this would not have been possible without them. We hope more people get involved, increase their level of contribution, and help us create or partner with other programs like this. The campaign was also supported by Chris Gayle, a renowned international West Indies cricketer who expressed his appreciation.

Jumbo Ticket strives to fulfill this responsibility and wants to make a greater contribution to solving social problems as much as possible. Develop Africa is very grateful for this effort and has responded to its website with a thank-you article. They also say “Thanks!! Jumbo Ticket”. To follow JTT’s campaign, please visit our official website or social media platform. To participate in this initiative, register for Jumbo Tickets and start purchasing your tickets and help others win too.




Jumbo Ticket is an online lottery platform that strives to provide its users the best online lottery experience.

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Jumbo Ticket

Jumbo Ticket

Jumbo Ticket is an online lottery platform that strives to provide its users the best online lottery experience.

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